wow〜[First Impressions] Fukuichi Co., Ltd. 福いち Clearing my piling [First Impres…



[First Impressions] Fukuichi Co., Ltd. 福いち

Clearing my piling [First Impressions] backlog with this “bucket-list” visit to a Japanese Izakaya in Bangkok open by Japanese for Japanese, with a Japanese friend. Without native Japanese company, I would not have ordered the right things.

Fukuichi is somewhat surprisingly, located a little off the usual Japanese zone, at On-Nut Soi 1 right opposite Big C. It’s an Osaka-style Izakaya run by the crazy boisterous Shoichi-san, whose love for baseball can be seen everywhere in the eatery.

To the food, to true Izakaya spirit, it has huge variety, great for sharing deep into the night with colleagues and friends over beer and chatter. Uniquely-Osakan highlights for me included the battered-fried pickled red ginger tempura, cream cheese cubes with dried kombu. Their collaborative chicken and cabbage hot pot with Nanase Ramen is so hearty it should be ordered as the boiling hot dish on every table.

They open only in the evenings on weekdays, and from 12pm onwards on weekends. Truly a hidden gem.

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